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What Triggers You???

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Everyone has a different trigger. Some have multiple, some have few but we all have them.  Often times it’s stress, lack of sleep or memories. The main question we should be asking is what do we do about it?  We can’t always just avoid them.  That would be easy but it’s not possible.

The key solution is realizing what our triggers are. I say every time we have a low point, write down what caused this moment. A few months later we have a list of triggers we can look out for.

Once we can pinpoint these triggers we can come up with a solution. These solutions can be therapy, medication and acceptance. If we’re aware of our triggers, we can then go to what we know, and treat it. I have multiple patients who are triggered by memories of their past. Now what do you do with this trigger. Often we isolate until we can’t possible isolate any longer. But if we can recognize we’ve been triggered, we can take our medication, use coping mechanisms, change our mindset or focus on something else to allow ourselves to get out of this event. Not isolate.

Triggers often come with other diagnosis such as depression or bipolar. It is important to be aware and in tune with ourselves to be able to recognize these events. We would then find ourselves happier and out of our moments of isolation more often. Common Anxiety Triggers:

  1. Health Issues
  2. Medications
  3. Caffeine
  4. Skipping Meals
  5. Negative Thinking
  6. Financial Concerns
  7. Parties or Social Events
  8. Conflict
  9. Stress
  10. Public Events or Performances
  11. Personal Triggers

No matter what you are going through we are here to listen and help.


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