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"Because Not All Wounds Are Visible"

Purpose And Mission

Our Orange County Psychiatrists are Medical Specialists who have devoted themselves to the diagnosis, prevention, and the treatment of mental disorders.  We work with patient’s who suffer from stress, anxiety, anger management, PTSD, dementia, bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, post partum depression, and many other mental health issues. Unfortunately, many people do not seek out help until their situation becomes extreme, or they need a “quick fix”.

Our psychiatry practice is dedicated to serving Orange County.  We believe seeing a Psychiatrist is often a commitment for life, and as such, we are committed to you, your well-being, confidentiality, and having a personal relationship with you.  We will always treat you with respect, kindness, and compassion.

1. To provide the highest quality neuropsychiatric care to our patients

2. Ensure for continuity of care for each one of our patients by providing regular follow-up on a consistent basis regardless of setting

3. Provide support not only for our patients but also for their families and loved ones

4. Work in harmony with other medical specialties and primary care to improve on our patient’s quality of life

5. Be advocates for our patient’s special needs

6. Provide responsive empathic care for patients and families in times of crisis.

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We can not say it enough… While we provide medical care to our patients we genuinely care about you.  Our team is instructed to listen first and understand who you are.  It is only through understanding can we help you move forward.


We employ top-trained psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.

Passionate Team

We've carefully assembled a team whose passion is to serve others with a purpose.

Award Winning

Dr. Alejandro Alva is an award winning and internationally recognized psychiatrist.

Most Renowned

We are Orange County's most renowned psychiatrist practice.

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