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Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists

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Our practice’s name is Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists (PNS). We have the experience to provide effective and individualized psychiatry care. Our psychiatry staff provides  treatment for children, adolescents, and adults from multiple Orange County offices (Costa Mesa. Huntington Beach, Orange, Mission Viejo, and Santa Ana). We also accept patients from all over the United States. A variety of mental disorders are treated by our psychiatrists, including anxiety and stress, PTSD and bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dementia, depression and ADD/ADHD. They also treat alcohol and chemical dependency. The principles of caring, compassion, understanding and treating patients are the foundation of our psychiatry practice.


We employ top-trained psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.

Passionate Team

We've carefully assembled a team whose passion is to serve others with a purpose.

Award Winning

Dr. Alejandro Alva is an award winning and internationally recognized psychiatrist.

Most Renowned

We are Orange County's most renowned psychiatrist practice.

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