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What do you love about yourself?

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As far as I can remember, in situations such as interviews, meet and greets, introductions, etc… when that question is asked, I freeze.  “What do I say?”  I feel like I do not know who I am! Does this happen to you? Are you able to freely talk GOOD and POSITIVE about yourself?? 

After multiple situations of being asked this question and answering, I then beat myself up and proverbially “kicking my ass”. 

This unfortunately this has been a repetitive cycle. 

One day, many many years later….OK not that many years… I wanted to try psychoanalyze how this became to be.  

What I want to share is a journey of not just myself but people who share the same experiences, situations, “Aha moments”, and most importantly feelings of how to not just like yourself but LOVE yourself.  Yes…everyone has different experiences, situations and journeys! But what I want to hit home as I realized…that we are all different… BUT not alone in how we feel.  Feelings are innate in all of us. 

When we realize that “WOW, I am not the only one who feels this way!” I believe, then we can truly begin to understand how to make a change in ourselves. 

Starting with this post, I want to write and share about what I have experienced, been a part of, witnessed, discovered, understood… and anything else that will help with being confident and most importantly LOVING YOURSELF!  

Stay tuned! 

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