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Seeing The Good In A Crisis

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Seeing good in a crisis? Sounds a little odd, but it is certainly possible with the right perspective. We are currently living in a global pandemic that will go down in the history books. Generations to come will learn about the Coronavirus outbreak that crippled the world, ravished economies, and stole loved ones from our hearts. So how can you find good in this?! Well, let’s take a look.

Starting small, how can individuals and their families find good in this situation? Many places around the world are under quarantine with orders to not leave home unless absolutely necessary. This is a perfect opportunity to work on home improvement projects, or to simply clean up around the house. If you live with your children or parents, try not to get frustrated with them, as you may never get another opportunity to spend this much time together. Especially with something as scary as COVID-19 going around, you never know when someone may pass unexpectedly.

On more of a global scale, this crisis has exposed deficiencies in health care systems ranging from lack of respirators that can save lives, to lack of personal protective equipment necessary to prevent the spread of disease. When a pandemic occurs again the future, we will likely have greater quantities of reserve stock due to the shortages seen worldwide. This crisis has also brought greater attention to basic hygiene practices such as washing your hands. Individuals who used to skip out on washing their hands will likely think twice after seeing how important it can be. Something as simple as more hands being washed will help prevent the spread of common colds and deadly diseases within our population.

Now remember what this is all about – perspective. The Coronavirus pandemic is a terrible and unfortunate tragedy that has fallen upon us, and yet here I am examining the beast for positivity. Utilizing an alternative perspective on something perceived to be bad can be beneficial for your overall mental state. It is ok to be scared, feel sad, or worry, but do not get stuck focusing on only the negatives. If you take a step back and try to find some good in these things, you can help maintain a positive attitude, and prevent yourself from falling into a depression. This can be applied to just about any aspect in life, so the next time you find yourself facing a crisis, don’t forget to view it from all angles, your psyche will thank you.


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