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Here we go again…Negative Thoughts

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During this time of “social distancing” when it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the negative thoughts of the things we’ve lost, it’s important to remain grateful for all the many wonderful things we still have. Below is a list of a few things we can all do to practice gratitude:

  1. Smile More
  2. Call parents/friends more often
  3. Watch inspiring movies/videos that remind you of the good in the world
  4. Write a card/email to someone you haven’t seen in a while.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal
  6. Make a home cooked meal
  7. Avoid ALL social media for a day. Try it. Trust me.
  8. Say “thank you” for everything. Even the little things.
  9. List all the things it takes for you to be alive right now. Air in your lungs. A beating heart. 2 legs that take you to where you need to go. A spine to keep you upright. A brain to keep it all together (most of the time, anyway)

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