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Positive Self Esteem …Are we born with it?

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I don’t know about you but do you wonder how some people have this CONFIDENCE about them, and seem as they have no insecurities at all?  How do they do that? 

I have always wished I had that gift!  Ever since I can remember, I would be in awe with actors, vloggers on social media, public figures “strut their stuff” or “do their thing” on stage or camera and wish I was like them. But how?

Were they born like that? I’ve learned that self-esteem, and is influenced by our environment, experiences, and people.  How you feel about yourself can be deeply rooted coming from childhood, how we grew up, culture,  and can be altered with experiences later in life.  Either positive or negative. 

I have had some experiences which “FOR SURE”  made my self-esteem take a dive.  For example (his one I tell my friends all the time) as a teen, I had the worst acne!  I mean I had it on my face, chest, and back! As a teenager, you are finding “yourself” and identity. I was called “nestle crunch”.. Can you can guess why.. NO?! Tan skin…pimples on exposed skin…looks like a candy bar?! I know right!! Kids can be soooo mean! And to top it off.. I had braces!! That took a hit on my Self Love meter! I couldn’t eat Crunch bars for at least a year. 

Can you relate? Have you had experiences that you feel had  “scarred” you? 

What I have noticed is that many women and men in our society, do not have a high opinion about themselves.  But…WE are all “works in progress” or “under construction” no matter how old. Boosting self-esteem is like exercising, we need to continue to “flex” or practice building ourselves up, until it becomes like “muscle memory”. 

Why is this important?  Simply because we can live our lives lighter and simpler. 

Starting today, start with this simple exercise. 

Take a time out just for a minute or two appreciate yourself every day. 

You can do it anywhere…while looking in the bathroom mirror.  Take a few deep breaths and a recognize a few things you appreciate about yourself. What can you do that “rocks”?! 

Look for more tips in the upcoming blogs to help building ourselves. I’m excited to share tips and experiences on this journey of …Loving Yourself! 

During tough times as we are going through now, it is important to focus on our mental health now more than ever. Working on ourselves even in small amounts will amount to substantial results later. Reach out if you feel like your spiraling out of control or the low self-esteem is causing depression that’s progressively getting worse. 

Our office is available to answer questions or support your needs to help you feel your best! 


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