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This Is Why Psychiatrists Order Genetic Tests

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We’ve all heard it before: “Everyone responds differently to medication”. The process of finding the right medication can be long, tedious, and frustrating. What worked for your best friend may not have worked for you. 

Why is this? 

Your response to psychiatric medications is largely due to your genetics. This is where genetic tests come in!

How Do Genetic Tests Work?

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A genetic test for psychiatric medications is a simple and painless process. We will obtain a sample from the inner lining of your cheek using a gentle cotton swab. The results of these genetic tests can help guide us in choosing medications for you. 

Why Psychiatrists Order Genetic Testing

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Getting genetic tests may also be helpful even if your mood is stable on your current medications! Your genetics won’t change, therefore, genetic test results will still be applicable years from now if/when changes need to be made to your medications.

What To Expect With Genetic Test Results

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Medications are not changed solely based on diagnostic genetic testing results. The results are also not a guarantee of what will work for you. Results are used to supplement the decision-making of the healthcare provider. We will use the results, along with our findings during our exam, to choose the best options for you.

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