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Will I ever be happy?

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Have you ever just thought “when will I ever be happy?” Often times it’s, “oh when I get a job I’ll finally be happy” or “if I pass this test, I’ll be happy.”  Then one gets their dream job or passes this exam with an A grade and yet they find themselves not happy. When will we ever be happy?

The truth is, we will always want more. It’s in human nature to not be satisfied. We’re creatures that will and should always be striving for more. It’s what keeps us going. It could be little things, like eating a delicious meal. Are we happy? The probability is we are, but this is temporary until the next sad moment comes on. Then we move on to asking ourselves again “what will make me happy?”

We need to utilize this to motivate us. Keep striving for more but be satisfied. Be humble in what we’ve succeeded at but use that to go for more. And at the end, be happy. Yes it’s temporary but don’t let it be. Choose to be happy when we have even the smallest things to be happy about. And when that moment of sadness comes up, because it always does, choose to focus on the positives because if you look hard enough, there’s always a positive.

Some secrets to happiness:

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Choose Wisely
  3. Stay Yourself (Embrace who you are)
  4. When Given the Opportunity Be Loving and Kind
  5. Avoid Debt
  6. Create Memories
  7. Make Your House a Haven
  8. Eat Together
  9. Remember, Every Problem Has a Solution
  10. Smile!

To Do For Today: Call a Friend or Family Member, Physically Write Down 3 Things You Are Grateful For, Imagine the Best-Case Outcome, Be Intentional in Being Happy!


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