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What is Stress and How It Affects You.

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Stress is a natural and normal reaction that your body has to any change that requires an adjustment or response. In short, anything outside of the status quo is going to cause stress. Even just thinking about something abnormal or different can cause stress. And when our body is stressed, it will respond emotionally, physically, and/or mentally.

Also, it should be noted that stress is not always a bad thing. Having a baby, getting a promotion at work, buying a house can all cause stress. That feeling you get when you have a project or assignment due to next day and the tension that builds until it’s completed and you hit submit. That’s stress too! It can be a motivational and a driving force at times.

But if our bodies are under stress for long amounts of time, that can be bad. That is something called ‘distress’. And when a body is under distress, it can manifest in many different ways. We may start experiencing health issues like: upset stomach, reflux, chest pains, headaches, sexual dysfunction, sleep disturbances, blood pressure fluctuations, etc. We may notice an increase or change in our eating, shopping, alcohol, sex, drug consumption. And before we know it, we’re trapped in a vicious cycle.

If we’ve tried to keep a positive attitude, have been exercising regularly, and changed our diets, sometimes we need more.  Be open to reaching out and seeking treatment with a psychologist and/or psychiatrist.


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