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Alex Mulé, PA-C

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Alex Mulé, PA-C, is a certified Physician Assistant on the team at Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists. He treats patients at the practice’s offices in Santa Ana, California.

Alex graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California, with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and a Master of Science in Health and Strategic Communication. During his time at Chapman, he earned four All-American titles in NCAA water polo, becoming the first student at the university to accomplish this in any sport.

After Chapman, Alex went on to Marshall B. Ketchum University in Fullerton, California, where he earned a Master of Medical Science degree.

In his work at Pacific Neuropsychiatric Specialists, Alex helps to interview, assess, and develop treatment plans for patients. He collaborates with Alejandro Alva, MD, and other providers to prescribe and manage medications, and performs various minor medical procedures like injections and blood draws.

Alex is EMT-B, first-aid, and CPR certified. He enjoys working directly with patients and brings a strong sense of compassion and empathy to his work. He looks forward to helping his patients walk down the road to recovery.

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Alex is great with men and passionately serves those who suffer from PTSD, Adult Psychiatry needs, Addiction Therapy, ADD ADHDAnxiety, Bipolar Depression, and Schizophrenia. 


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