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About Our Internal Website

Thank you for visiting the PNS Internal Website. This site serves the following broad objectives:
  1. Explain our “Best Practices”
  2. Define Chain of Command
  3. Expectations of PNS Team Members
  4. Provide Human Resources Information
  5. Provide company Forms, Policies, and Procedures
  6. Deliver important information throughout PNS
  7. Develop Talent from within
Information on this backend site (login required) is considered proprietary to PNS. No dissemination outside of PNS is allowed without express written approval from a C-Level Executive.

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We are committed to providing the best psychiatric care to patients in Orange County. We achieve results as an unified team.
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PNS Organizational Chart and Chain of Command.
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While PNS is made up of individuals, we value honesty, integrity, teamwork, a strong work ethic, and interdependence.
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Customers have questions, we have answers.
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Customers have questions, we have answers.
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PNS monthly internal newsletter to keep everyone in the loop.
Milestones, Engagement, & Company Culture.
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Want to develop your career? PNS offers educational assistance to team members who seek to grow within the company.
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Marketing, IT, and outside contractors of PNS.
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Blogs for PNS Team Members, By Team Members.
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Contact List

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(949) 436-7050 or (949) 903-2242
Provides Digital Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Marketing Strategy, Press Releases, Public Relations, Website, Videos, and Social Media

IT (Technology)

Information Technology – Architecture, Hardware, Software, and Networking of computers.

Pharmaceutical Research

Ongoing Clinical Trials

We employ top-trained psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.

Passionate Team

We've carefully assembled a team whose passion is to serve others with a purpose.

Award Winning

Dr. Alejandro Alva is an award winning and internationally recognized psychiatrist.

Most Renowned

We are Orange County's most renowned psychiatrist practice.

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