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Heather Veitch, PA-C

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Heather Veitch, PA-C is a Physician Assistant specializing in Addiction and Psychiatry. Heather chose this discipline of medicine because some of the people she loves the most really struggle with Addiction and Mental Health Diagnoses. She especially enjoys helping individuals in recovery. 

Over the last 5 years in her profession, Heather has had the privilege to help many patients in the community with substance use disorders. She also was the Lead Addiction Specialist for Kaiser Permanente for all of Ventura County before coming to PNS.

Heather has a dual Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies and a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She comes to PNS to help honor her family members by serving others and to help destigmatize substance use and mental health treatment. 

She prides herself in creating a safe place for patients to come as they are, and feel accepted. One of her other passions is life coaching and motivational interviewing. Heather looks forward to creating new possibilities, positive change, and giving quality, compassionate healthcare to our community.

Currently, Heather works for PNS in Addiction and Psychiatry and specializes in treating all the various levels of care in recovery services.

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When Heather is not working, she enjoys playing coed softball. She played Division I softball in college and was named Student-Athlete of the Year at the University of Bakersfield.


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