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Psychiatric Telemedicine

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The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered changes throughout everyday life — the Federal Government has temporarily approved Telemed for physicians.

Many who would skip an in-office visit are utilizing Telemed to continue their relationship with our physicians. They also reduce their risk of exposure to coronavirus.

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Telehealth — or telemedicine — is a healthcare solution that allows you to meet with your doctor virtually instead of going to the office. Our 100% HIPAA-compliant system uses a two-way, high definition video, so we can talk face-to-face as if we’re in the same room together. With Telehealth, you can also:

  • Submit medication list, ID cards, and medical history
  • Discuss progress and treatment options
  • Privately discuss symptoms
  • Have prescriptions sent to your pharmacy
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No commute and no wait times!

By connecting to your doctor in a virtual setting, you can expect to:

  • Spend less time driving to and from your appointment
  • Miss less work
  • No arrangements for child or elder care
  • Receive exceptional health care

At the same time, you also reduce your risk of exposure to contagious illnesses, like the common cold, flu, and COVID-19.

Telemedicine is also available to patients of all ages, including children, older adults, and those in vulnerable health. That makes it an ideal healthcare solution for everyone, especially when someone can no longer leave their home safely but still requires medical attention. 

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What To Expect During A Telemedicine Appointment?

Telemedicine technology has never been easier to use, simply:

  • Call us to set up an appointment
  • Fill out the registration forms included in our calendar invite
  • Download our suggested app to your tablet, computer, or phone
  • Follow the link in your calendar invite to open your video-chat to start your appointment

For more information on telemedicine or to schedule your virtual visit, contact us by calling or today.

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We're Here for You!

Please contact us with questions
or requests for an appointment.

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