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What is Anger?

employee showing anger on his computer screen

There are three types of Anger: 

  1. Aggressive anger is anger expressed directly to someone or themselves either physically or psychologically. This can be illustrated with yelling or hitting. 
  2. Passive aggression is when a person internalizes their emotions and avoids dealing with the situation. This can be expressed as ‘holding a grudge’, spreading rumors, or not speaking to the individual. 
  3. Assertive Aggression is anger that is directly expressed. This type of anger is expressed as clear communication that is nonthreatening such as using statements as “ I feel angry when you…” 

Anger can be treated in many different ways, such as cognitive behavior therapy and through medications. It is important for one to participate in therapy to help understands one’s triggers and develop coping skills to help calm their emotions. Both individual and group therapy may be beneficial for the patient. Common roots of anger stem from fear, pain or frustration. It is important to help understand where the anger is coming from in order to treat the symptoms. 


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