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I already have my medications, so why would I need therapy?

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I already have my medications, so why would I need therapy? 5 Benefits of “Talk Therapy”

  1. Learning how to process your emotions so that overtime you are able to move forward and your emotions (whether that be anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, etc) have gradually diminished.
  2. Having an outlet of expression for those emotions and concerns to a nonbiased individual. Let’s face it, friends can be competitive and not always give sound advice. Psychologists and therapists are trained licensed professionals who are able to give evidenced based recommendations, guidance, and feedback. Additionally, having someone to talk to may also help you improve your communication skills. 
  3. Learning how to develop coping techniques and lifestyle changes. I always say to my patients “even the happiest and healthiest of people can benefit from therapy”. Most of the time, medication alone will not take you the full distance. It is so important to learn how to take control of your symptoms by learning coping techniques for the times you feel anxious, stressed, sad, angry, and any other negative emotion that you can think of. Some techniques include deep breathing, mediation, yoga, journaling… But also exercise, a well-balanced diet, and healthy sleep routines. Your therapist or psychologist can help you learn how to employ these techniques to better your symptoms in addition to the medication you are already taking. 
  4. Personalized guidance and support that is tailored to your specific needs. Not everyone with the same diagnosis, such as depression, require the same kind of help.
  5. Therapists and psychologists will provide an objective perspective on the root causes of whatever the underlying issues may be. Like I said earlier, friends and family members are biased. Therapists and psychologists will leave out any personal feelings or opinions and provide you with only with the hard facts.  

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