Medical Weight Loss

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What Is Medical Weight Loss?

What is Medical Assisted Weight Loss?

In Orange County, everyone wants to be seen as the “best version” of themselves they can be.  Medical weight loss utilizes treatments, which can include injections, to help you lose unwanted pounds and keep them off for good. As medical professionals we use heavily researched methods to assist you in achieving your ideal weight. Our focus is on increasing your body’s fat-burning potential and preserving muscle mass.

Who is our expert? – Yvette Elpidio

Yvette, is a Nurse Practioner with over 20 years of experience in working within the field of weight loss. She also has the advantage of working on the psychiatry side of healthcare. Because, losing weight might be easier with the right injections or treatments, but it is also best to make sure you are in the right state of mind. Yvette is passionate about helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

What can I expect at a weight loss clinic?

You will undergo an initial evaluation, in our Costa Mesa location, where we look over your health and medical history, your lifestyle, exercise habits, and we may determine your body mass index (BMI) – which measures your weight in relationship to your height. We may also order bloodwork to determine overall health, vitamin deficiencies, and how your body will respond to a particular medical weight loss program.

Is medically supervised weight loss right for you?

There are two scenarios for medical weight loss the first scenario is your BMI is over 28, which may indicate you have a serious medical condition related to your obesity. You may have (or be close to having) diabetes or high blood pressure. In rare cases, we may refer you out to a surgical provider (we do not perform medical weight loss surgery).

The other scenario is more common. A person is between 20 and 28 BMI they are worried about the potential to have medically related conditions, but are maybe not quite there. They want to be proactive, build energy, and lower their weight by 5-15%.

Medications do not replace physical activity and healthy eating habits. Weight loss medication works best when you combine them with a healthy lifestyle. You may also need a psychiatric consultation to find out if there is any related issue causing weight gain. Many people experience depression, anxiety, binge eating, postpartum depression, or other disorders, which greatly affect their weight – in fact, medication may be a reason why you gained weight in the first place!

Do you provide nutrition resources?

Yes, our medical weight loss protocols will review your current nutrition and give you guidance on a program, which is right for you.

What is the cost of a medical weight loss treatment program?

The cost, varies by how many times you visit us and how many procedures are done. Most men or women, in orange county, will visit us to lose the last 10-20 pounds they are having difficulty with…for this situation it may require 4-8 visits and you should expect to spend $100+ per visit. Most of the time patients buy weight loss packages.

Does insurance cover medical weight loss treatments?

Typically, no, insurance does not cover weight loss or obesity treatments such as medication and weight-loss surgery, coverage is becoming more common, so check your policy first.

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How do I contact the Orange County Medical Weight Loss Clinic near me?

The first step is to call Pacific Medical Weight Loss, we are the preferred Orange County Medical Weight Loss Clinic. Please call us with any questions, we are here to help!


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