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Sheena Patel of PNS
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Sheena Patel, PA-C

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Sheena Patel, PA-C is a Physician Assistant based in Southern California, with over a decade of clinical experience in healthcare. 

She received her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from University of California, Irvine and subsequently earned a Master’s Degree in Biology from New York University.  Sheena then completed the Physician Assistant Program at Long Island University, graduating with top marks in 2010.

Early in her career, Mrs. Patel’s work experience included Internal Medicine as well as Subspecialty Surgery (Urology, ENT, Plastic Surgery, and Trauma Surgery). 

For the last 7 years Mrs. Patel has worked solely in the field of Psychiatry at PNS, having found fulfillment in working with her patients to improve their quality of life.   She is focused on helping them optimize their mental health, treating a variety of mental illnesses including Depression, Bipolar, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, and Schizophrenia amongst others in addition to Chemical Addiction & Rehabilitation.  Mrs. Patel serves patients of all ages, Adult Psychiatry as well as Adolescent Psychiatry.

Mrs. Patel is the Director of Clinical Services and the lead Physician Assistant at Pacific Neuropsychiatric Services (PNS), serving as an integral part of PNS and its management team.  Primary offices are located in Costa Mesa and Orange, however Sheena also frequently sees patients at other PNS offices.

Mrs. Patel is involved in the hiring and training of all new Physician Assistants, serving as a mentor and supervisor. She is also involved in coordinating supervision by Medical Doctors at each office.   

In her free time, Sheena enjoys being with friends and family (husband and two daughters), traveling, exercising, trying new foods, and watching television. 

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Ms. Patel is an expert in women’s psychiatry and child psychiatry. She works with numerous patient’s with ADHD, Insomnia, Stress, Post-Partum Depression, DepressionPTSD, and Dementia.

Sheena is a member of the PNS Executive Team.


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