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Why is it that we care so much what other think?

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Why is it that we care so much what other think?  Often times, is it that you do things to just make another person happy? Does this, in turn, make you unhappy?  We shouldn’t have to think this much into everything we do.  Some can compartmentalize and just do the “right” thing all the time.  Other put so much emotion into decision making that it often affects the end product.  I can speak for myself, there’s time where I would do things to make others happy even if it is not necessarily what I want to do at that time.  Or pick up extra tasks just to make another person happy even if I don’t have time for it.  Why do we do this?

The truth is, we’re good people.  To make others happy in turn, makes us happy.  The unfortunate part is, if we keep doing this, we will then be unhappy.  We can’t be the only ones that keep others happy.  It is also their own duty to keep themselves happy.  Happiness should not be contingent on someone else doing things for them.  I feel there’s a balance to everything.  If making another person “pleased” and it allows you to be happy too, do it.  If it’s the opposite, we get unhappy, we need to re-evaluate why it is that we care so much about pleasing others.  All in all, every decision needs to have a reason.  If it is only to please other people and not yourself this should be thought more into.   


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