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Who likes to gain weight? Usually not most people.

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In fact, many of us are actively working against it in a variety of ways from exercising frequently to modifying our diet. Many of us have heard psychiatric medication impacts weight– and many of them do; however, have you ever been so unmotivated you’re unable to cook your own food? So anxious you have trouble going to the gym? Everything is a balance.

When one struggles with depression, it has a global effect on their ability to function in their life making it difficult to do the basic things it takes to take care of one’s physical health. Positive habits are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle—and those very habits are the things that can be extremely difficult when one is struggling with their mental health. 

So what do we do? Monitor weight, order labs, and have regular conversations with our patients about how their medication is impacting their ability to function in their life—for better or for worse.  If you have concerns about weight gain and your mental health, have a conversation with a qualified professional!

If you aren’t mentally fit it may be hard to be physically fit…it may be time to give PNS a call (714) 545-5550 or visit


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