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Who isn’t anxious these days? Coronavirus, Anxiety, Fear, Shock

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We’ve all been hit with something bigger than we could have ever imagined.  How are we supposed to live a “normal” life when we’re restricted to our homes?  How are we supposed to get groceries when I don’t even own a mask? How do I homeschool my kids when I still need to go to work?  This Coronavirus has caused so much anxiety all around. Honestly, if you’re not even a little anxious, you’re almost supernatural.

Anxiety is a natural emotion with which our bodies react to stress.  Stresses come in many forms, often just related to daily routine.  Life can be hard! 

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with feeling anxious.  Some people even manage to use it to their advantage, channeling their anxiety to motivate themselves.  Some people are able to find coping mechanisms to get them through their panic while others utilize medications, anxiolytics, to aid them through. Unfortunately there’s not a single solution for all, though fortunately most people can be helped somehow.  In our experience, a combination of therapy with medication often works best.  Along with that, adding in breathing exercises and routine cardio/workouts helps clear our minds. Giving ourselves routines, allows us to feel a sense of “normalcy.”

I believe the number one thing we have to remember is that we’re not alone. Currently, Coronavirus has shocked us all. It’s ok to feel anxious. Though we need to use that anxiety toward our betterment. If we follow the precautions we are being advised to take, we will be fine. If you see your psychiatrist, speak to them.  If you call your friends, speak to them.  It’s ok to be emotional and ask for help.  There’s no more comfort than knowing we’re all in this together and that others may be feeling similar concerns.  Anxiety is something we all feel, just differently. Some have panic attacks where they get short of breath with chest pain and/or palpitations while others just feel a bit on edge. Regardless, we all feel it, just at different levels. 

Aside from the current pandemic, there are things in life that make us anxious. For some, it’s getting in a car or small places while for others it’s being in a social setting or public speaking. No matter the situation, anxiety is a natural reaction we are all built to have. Knowing our triggers can help. If one knows what triggers them, it helps to get relaxed prior to that event via medication or coping mechanisms.  Being in tune with ourselves, self reflection can only help us with our future triggers and events.

 Ultimately, just remember you’re not alone. We all react differently, and that’s okay.

Take a deep breath, and stay safe!

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