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What is OCD?

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OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Now what is it? It is diagnoses we give to those have intrusive thoughts about needing to do something repetitively.  This can be fixation on cleanliness, certain orders or washing of the hands.  This usually causes one to have life disruptions.  One gets extremely fixated on an item where they cannot feel comfortable till it is achieved and then this repeats again.

There are many different levels of OCD.  The milder version can fight it at time and not at others.  They have episodes worse than others.  Moderate to high complexity of OCD causes one to be paralyzed by the fixation.  They cannot utterly do anything or function until this order is achieved.

OCD is treatable.  First line, we want our patient to get therapy.  Using coping mechanisms can help.  For example, one can carry a tiny piece of woo in their pocket and knock on it instead of find wood to knock on every time they have the impulse.  Some can use a rubber band around their wrist that can snap every time they have the urge.  After therapy or along with therapy we can utilize medications called SSRI to help with these symptoms.  At higher doses, we have seen the OCD symptoms decreasing.

Regardless, there is always help out there and it can give these patients their life back!

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