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What is meant by alternative treatment options for depression?

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Alternative Treatment Options For Depression

Basically, this means anything other than prescribed medications. Here are some things you may consider trying if you are not ready to take prescribed medications or if the medications you are taking are not as effective as you may like.

1.  Herbal remedies.

Although often NOT FDA approved, many have reported positive responses to things like ginkgo, Vitamin D, St. John’s Wort, Magnesium, etc. Ask your herbal specialist about them and make sure to tell your doctor before starting.

2.  Exercise.

So many positive things can come from even simple forms of exercise. Taking walks, biking, actually getting on the treadmill. Exercise has been shown to decrease levels of stress and increase endorphins which basically help you feel ‘better’ and ‘happier’.

3.  Acupuncture/Reflexology/Massage.

Some believe that participating in these activities on a regular basis can stimulate the body to heal itself. And let’s be honest, sometimes it just feels good to get a nice massage.

4.  Therapy.

“Talk” therapy. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a professional licensed person offer their advice and strategies of how to help us navigate through this thing we call life. They can help us process our past and vision cast for the future often in ways that our own family and friends cannot. Sometimes having an outside perspective can make all the difference.

5.  Prayer/Meditation.

Relaxing and clearing our mind can help us focus on a particular thought. This can be guided into a more positive direction and help lift our mood.

6.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

TMS basically like a “reboot” to your brain through magnetic stimulation. The goal is to help the more underactive areas of the brain become more active again and result in feeling less depressed.

If you are dealing with depression, give us a call. Our mental health clinic in Orange County is here to help.



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