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The uncertainties of the world

We have all witnessed amongst the uncertainties of this world and current events how people deal with similar disorders and problems no matter who they are. 

My routine in the mornings while getting ready is watching the news.  Some may say its “fake” news or criticize me for the news station I watch, but I am a creature of habit and have always watched the Channel 11 news while getting ready for my day.  I like to stay on top of current events (or try to) and YES of course filter the content I am watching. 

As a fan of hip-hop music (among other types) the story of Kanye West and his current or alleged episode of his mental health caught my attention one morning. It goes to show that mental disorders play no favorites and can affect celebrities and people we love.

People are so quick to judge, especially in certain circles and populations.  It’s tough to watch when you see not only celebrities but people you know lose marriages, family, jobs, homes. relationships, money, etc… to mental disorders.

As a provider who works in Psychiatry,  treatment can be difficult without both provider and patient being on the same page.  There needs to be a two-way communication and effort for recovery.  When there is a lack in one, it is very hard to get to a successful outcome. Noncompliance with medications, failure to follow up, and refusal of recommended treatments can hinder the patients recovery.

While watching the news about Kanye, one might say he was stubborn, attention seeking, or in denial. But, what if he does not even realize what he is doing is “wrong” or hurtful?

The doctor on the show rereferred to this condition Anosognosia- which is the lack of insight or awareness.  This is common to mental illnesses such as Bipolar disorder. It is when the frontal lobe in the brain lacks the ability to process new information about yourself or health issues.  The person is not able to fully understand their condition…so they do not think there is a problem.

How many of us have experienced someone who just “didn’t get IT” or so stubborn that you wanted slap them upside the head?! Most may be the hard-headed or stubborn type but there is a chance they do not understand what they are doing and that their actions can affect them negatively.

Kim Kardashian West wrote on her social media post about how mental health disorders can be painful and difficult to understand. How people may judge due to the stigma of mental health.  BUT…

Help is out there! For the person who may be dealing with and for the supportive people who are involved with the person dealing with mental health issues. Each person is unique, and treatments can be very different for each individual. No matter where you go for help, the most important thing is the person and choosing the path to recovery.

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