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Enjoying Your Own Company – Being Happy With Yourself

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Are you the type of person who can go to a restaurant by themselves?  Or go to a movie by yourself?  For me, it took some time before I was able to go out to eat by myself without feeling insecure, lonely, or feel like I NEEDED someone to go do something with me or stay at home by myself. I wondered how my other friends were able to do things like travel by themselves.  I would ask them, “Girl! How are you not scared?”  They simply say, they are perfectly happy with themselves and NEED the “ME time”.  But HOW?  

What does alone mean to you? Alone can be what we make of it. Everyone is different, depending on situations, personalities, influences, self-esteem, insecurities, ETC… can affect how we view being alone.  Is it alone and happy or alone and sad or alone and lonely? Loneliness is a natural feeling in all humans.  But with constant negative loneliness can affect how we respond to being alone negatively.  

For me, I feel like I have more of an extrovert personality with my fair share of mixed experiences in life. It still hard for me to do things on my own and really be comfortable. I am not used to it, I feel like I have always had company or someone there to do things with.  I remember one time I wanted to go out to dinner but could not find anyone to come with me. You know what I did? I ordered it to go and ate most of it in my car.  I felt like people were going to judge me of being alone and those thoughts led to me feeling self-conscious. We are our own worst enemy sometimes! To this day it’s still hard to really 100% enjoy “ME time”. But I am working on it. My goal is to travel by myself one day on my own and enjoy being able to enjoy my own company and appreciating where I am. 

If you are like me and feel like it’s a challenge to enjoy your own company we can take steps to being happy doing things on our own or being on your own.  Not feeling like you have to be with a person even if you unhappy should not be an option( we can explore this in detail in another blog).  I know it’s tough but it’s all about taking baby steps to our goals.  

There are many resources out there where they talk about being happy on our own and benefits of spending time alone. From increasing productivity, self-esteem, self-worth, increasing creativity, building mental strength, or simply just feeling comfortable with being by ourselves. 

It’s time for our weekly self-building exercise! 

Let’s get out of our comfort zone and try to enjoy alone time. 

Spend quality time by yourself doing what YOU want to do

I know it is hard during these tough times to get out and go to the movies or go out to eat on your own. BUT… you can go to the beach and take a walk, enjoy the ocean air! Read a book out on your lawn or patio. Watch a movie on your own…you can pick whatever movie you like! 

By doing more things on our own we will learn to appreciate ourselves and build on our self-esteem and learn to love ourselves!


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