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Administrative Staff

Patricia Alva


Mrs. Alva received her education at Trenton State College majoring in Communications.

Mrs. Alva has had many varied and challenging experiences which have contributed to her ability to provide services with compassion, multicultural sensitivity, and openness. Mrs. Alva is a natural leader spending time mentoring high school students teaching them about real life experiences and the power of positive thinking.

Mrs. Alva comes to PNS with a wealth of administrative and clinical care experience having worked In the private sector in major companies such as Jenny Craig and Astra Zeneca.

Her approach to business management reflects an emphasis on humanistic and interpersonal principles which integrates a cultural and social context.

Her business acumen includes work with individuals, small and large businesses as well as multi-national corporations.

Mrs. Alva´s broad experience working with businesses from diverse backgrounds in a variety of settings has made her sensitive to the corporate as well as the personal needs of others.

She is able to balance the need for appropriate business practice with the compassion and approachability necessary to approach individuals.

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Rachel Ramirez

Practice Manager

Mrs. Rachel Ramirez is part of the PNS team since 2017. She has been an important asset to the company growth in the previous year. She has broad experience in the management of Rehabilitation Facilities, and Medical Offices. Additionally, has contributed enormously setting and applying new processes that are essential at PNS.

Moreover, Mrs. Rachel Ramirez has high standards in patient´s service, expecting always the best effort from all the PNS team when our services are provided. Also, Mrs. Rachel Ramirez is cordial and respectful with patients, caregivers, and staff, being two remarkable qualities of her patient-centered work ethic.

During the last year, she has showed a bold character, great communication and leading skills, intuition, great adaptive response to changes, and always has been interested in the individual development of the staff. She has promoted multiple strategies to generate a better work environment, and looking for the common wealth.

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KaityMarie Juhiln

Credentialing & Contracting Manager

KaityMarie Julihn joined the Pacific Neuropsychiatric team in 2016 as our Patient Relations Manager. She has been in the field of medical office business practices, patient relations, medical billing, and quality improvement activities for 16 years. Her background includes previous work in hospital, clinic and private behavioral health practices and has managed several private practices in the Orange County area. Her keen administrative and technical skills assist our licensed clinical staff to provide excellent patient care.

At PNS KaityMarie assists our patients in maximizing their available benefits and understanding their insurance coverage. In her role, KaityMarie also provides critical business performance information for our executive team to facilitate key decision-making and advancements in patient-focused care.

As a certified HIPAA Compliance Officer, she trains our staff on the best ways to handle Protected Health Information to protect our patient privacy. She is passionate about Mental Health services being available to everyone and excels in making patients feel welcome in our practice.

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Attention New Patients

The New Patient Packet will provide what you need to get started. To download the New Patient Packet click on the link below

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Yvette is wonderful...

She is sharp, efficient and able to assess my needs. She will not waste your time. I never wait longer than 15 min ( max) to see her. I highly recommend her:) She also is flexible with adding and changing appointments

-Evelyn D. La Habra, CA

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Dr. Alex Alva Excellent Doctor...

Excellent doctor, very considerate to patients needs. Listens to patient and family members. From www.healthgrades.com

-Lakewood, Feb 1st 2017

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Dr. Alex Alva Great Psychiatrist...

He's a great psychiatrist and was able to get me on medications that changed my life. A God send. From www.healthgrades.com

-J.R.W Irvine, Oct 10th 2016

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Dr. Alex Alva Amazing Human...

Amazing human an angel from God! I have seen many doctors no one helped me like he did , the combination of medication and his attitude towards life is what helped me! From www.healthgrades.com

-Monterey, CA May 4th 2016

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Great administration staff - Very welcoming!

Dr. Sheena Patel was amazing at listening to what I had to say. She explained everything thoroughly and offered me an opportunity to ask any questions. I did not feel rushed whatsoever ... The office is very clean, peaceful and beautifully furnished. Plenty of cozy places to sit comfortably ...

PS it's definitely the place to go on a summer day because the air conditioning is outstanding! -KP www.google.com

-Kristina Perez

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I've been really pleased with my experience here!

Super professional, knowledgeable, and friendly doctors. Dr. Alva is my favorite--he is so caring, fun, and welcoming. I have also been with Dr. Sheena and she's nice too. I would not choose to go anywhere else! I like that they work with my medical insurance as well. So thankful. www.google.com

-Lexi Cunningham

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Never had a nicer or cleaner office...

Been going to their orange office for 2 years till they closed it. Still go here and people are extremely nice. Never had a nicer or cleaner office for this type if industry. www.google.com

Jeremy Zimmerman

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Recommended on Facebook

Because Dr. Alva is one of the best psychiatrist in OC good to his patients and people around him. He is down to earth!! www.facebook.com

Sandy Chapman

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Recommended on Facebook

Compassionate expert professionals! They care about their patients and it shows! www.facebook.com

Rigo Brueck

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Recommended on Facebook

The world needs more of their kind of professional care. People can really heal here. www.facebook.com

Luke Caleb Lamar

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They make my monthly visit something I look forward to

I've been to many psychiatrists office for my anxiety medicine and I can honestly say this is the best. Jennifer Sebastian is an amazing medical expert who truly takes the time to listen to me and understand my needs without over prescribing anything. I never feel rushed, I always feel heard and taken care of. I've been able to get off antidepressants entirely through a mixture of reducing my dose along with healthy daily habits which they have been very supportive of.

Marleny and V in the front desk are very sweet and inviting, and give the entire office and air of friendliness and warm. They make my monthly visit something I look forward to. I never have to wait very long and I truly feel well taken care of.www.yelp.com

Logan D.

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The staff show willingness to support the patients...

Good day to all. I have been a patient here for about 7 years. I am very satisfied. It is clean. There is parking. The staff show willingness to support the patients schedule and needs. The Doctors are understanding and considerate. I certainly recommend this Facility. www.yelp.com

Gary S.

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The only place we felt comfortable and cared for!

This place is amazing; to be more exact, Jennifer Sebastian is very knowledgeable. Someone very close to me has been suffering from anxiety and depression for a long period of time. We've been to different psychiatrist and medical professionals and this is the only place we felt comfortable and cared for! Jenn was very confident in her decisions made and really gave us knowledge of everything something the previous doctors didn't do. Front desk was very friendly and made us feel welcome! Looking forward to next visit, thank you PNS. www.yelp.com

Janette D.

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I am happy that the staff now represents the doctor I trust

I have been seeing Dr. Alex Alva for years and he saved my life. He is the most kind and caring Psychiatrist I have seen. When I first started seeing Dr. Alva his staff was rude and uncaring. He told me he was working on getting the right staff and I must say he has. The staff is caring and helpful. Rachel has helped me with my medication that my insurance company would not cover and they finally answer the phones. I am happy that the staff now represents the doctor I trust. www.yelp.com

Maria L.

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I am so happy i found this office

I must say that i was more than hesitant when scheduling an initial consultation. This was my first time being seen in this field, so i was very nervous. I must say, i am so happy i found this office. I didn't experience anything unusual when it comes to new patient check in. I was seen shortly after arriving and did not have to wait- which i was thankful for since i have a hectic schedule my lunch breaks are my only time to get away. I am so happy to have met dr Sebastian. She made me feel so comfortable from beginning to the very end! She was very knowledgeable and it felt so nice to be heard and get feedback to better understand what is going on and how i can be helped. Thank you! www.yelp.com

Marisa P.